I grabbed these impromptu bridal portraits of Michelle while she was sequestered in the church vestibule within minutes before she was to walk  up the aisle…

Not all portraits have to be looking in camera…

Throughout the wedding day I am always on the lookout for special moments, beautiful light and interesting backgrounds, and this church vestibule at Our Lady Of Mercy in Hicksville, did not disappoint!

I knew I had to showcase it.

Anticipation and emotions are  heightened and it is one of my favorite parts of the wedding day.

Long Island Wedding Photographer - Bride in Church Vestibule

Fixing Michelle’s exquisite veil.

Long Island Wedding Photographer -  Artistic - Creative - Long Island Wedding Photography

Making the most of this gorgeous vestibule – I love the contrast of the red tones and the artistic door against Michelle’s wedding dress.

 Long Island Wedding Photographer - Artistic Wedding Photography I especially love her beautiful profile and her pensive expression …

Long Island Wedding Photographer - Artistic - Photo journalistic Wedding Photography

Michelle’s  supportive flower girl giving her the peace sign.

Perfect example as to why I love when children are included in the wedding day.

And when the music starts, whether it is “The Bridal March” or Pachelbel’s Canon, sometimes I even get a little choked up.