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Lisa Nicolosi Photography

North Fork Wedding Photographer - Southold NY

Covid 19 brought immense changes and challenges to the nuptial dreams of many couples as well as the wedding industry.

Many couples opted for intimate weddings in their backyard - like Stephanie and Steve.

In this photo they are embracing after their very touching and emotional parent dances.

The glorious sunbeams and flare are natural - not photoshopped.

Magical - flattering light and a beautifully documented moment.

Don't ever think you cannot have a beautiful wedding if it cannot be held at a venue.

There are pros and cons to everything in life...

The pros to a backyard wedding - especially in the time of Covid -19:

1) Safer - outdoors - fresh air instead of indoors in a venue

2)If you keep you guest count under 50 - your guests will not have to submit to Covid tests, assigned health official and possible contact tracing.

3)Personal - unique and intimate

4)Your home becomes the precious memory of where you said your vows

5) These weddings tend to be more relaxed

6) Save Money

What would you rather do - if you want to get married during the time of Covid restrictions...

Have a large wedding - with Covid tests, assigned health official and possible contact tracing?

Or a smaller intimate/micro wedding without such regulations?

I personally cannot imagine investing a lot of money into a wedding with the above restrictions.

My advice - save your money - downsize your wedding without the regulations - and focus on the blessing that you are loved - you found a partner to share life with.

That is what matters the most.

Location: 360 Basin Rd. Southold, NY 11971 .