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About Me

My name is Lisa Nicolosi and I am a Long Island photographer focused on weddings, proposals, elopements, engagements and family portraits. I typically photograph weddings on the beautiful Eastern End of Long Island but I also work across the entire New York Tri-State area. And if you are planning a destination wedding or a wedding out of my state, I am available for worldwide travel!

A Little Backstory...

My father was a NYC firefighter and when I was a child I remember him instructing me as to what I should do if there ever was a fire in our house…

The thought of that happening got me thinking…. I asked my mother, “If you could only save one “thing” from our house what would it be?”

My Mom replied, “Our family photos.”

I learned at a very young age that photographs of the ones we love should be cherished just as much as the people that are in them.

My Experience

  • With over 15 years of experience I can manage and produce consistent results whether it is sunny or storming.
  • I have a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art. I treat documenting weddings as an art form; using composition, space, color, line, angles and dramatic light to create artful images.
  • Lighting Techniques: Lighting is of utmost importance. I am skilled in both natural and artificial lighting.

My Approach

I like to describe my approach as "Artistic Storytelling"

  • In an unobtrusive manner I will document your wedding day with an observant eye and a sentimental heart. Capturing the spirit of your day, moments, reactions and details that are unique to your wedding with an artistic flair. Preserving the love, beauty, emotions and scenes surrounding your event. Allowing you to actually enjoy your day, so that you forget that I am even there and relive it all after I deliver your gallery.
  • I will provide you with the perfect balance of candid moments and gorgeous/natural portraits.
  • I love to use the beauty of nature in both my engagement and wedding photos and I hope to work with fellow nature lovers with a sense of adventure.
  • I like to get to know my clients before their wedding. Whether it be through a personal meeting, phone calls, engagement session or emails.

My Style

Natural ~ Romantic ~ Colorful

These are just a few words that describe my work.

Natural: Capturing the spirit of my clients for who they really are. Your personality, expressions, nuances and connections. Whether I am documenting moments or posing portraits my goal is to create natural/ honest images that reflect the essence of who you are and your relationship to one another.

Romantic: Many times clients have told me that they have laughed or cried looking at my photos and blogs without even knowing anyone in them. It is my desire to not only preserve how your day looked, but how it felt.

Colorful: Life is colorful. Seasons are colorful. Sunsets are colorful. I want to showcase that beauty. I love the impact of color and rich tones. Weddings are happy occasions and I will deliver clean, bright and colorful photos.

After your wedding I will hand edit and tone your photographs using my artisan edits so that your images truly shine. I do not follow trends that overexpose images and desaturate color that will be outdated in the years to come.

I am Committed to Outstanding Customer Service

From your first point of contact with me till the delivery of your album, I am an attentive and prompt responder.

I am the one photographing your wedding, editing your photos, designing your album and answering your phone calls and emails.

Random Things I Love & Sources of Inspiration

Cats (My 2 Turkish Angoras: Marco & Mia ....a.k.a Mimi), animals, nature, art, architecture, music, witty sarcasm, Shelter Island, change of seasons (I enjoy all 4 - especially Winter), cycling, running, Seinfeld, scrabble, flea markets, Birkenstocks, Trader Joe's and gardening.

Let's Create Art and Capture Memories Together - It Will Be Fun!

If you like my work and this sounds good... get in touch!

Please visit my contact page or give me a call (631) 747-5645 ~ I would love to learn more about your wedding and be your photographer!