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Hi, I am Lisa Nicolosi, a Long Island proposal and wedding photographer and I love to document and help plan surprise marriage proposals.

I will help take the stress out of proposing!

My goal is to capture the reactions and expressions that unfold during a surprise marriage proposal in a natural manner.

Who doesn’t love a surprise?

Whether it be a surprise birthday party or a special gift for someone you love … Or a surprise marriage proposal.

My proposal planning “philosophy” is “Keep It Simple.”

I have said it before and it bears worth repeating, “Life is not an Instagram feed.”

Instagram bombards us with images of surprise proposals.

Many of these proposals include the following trendy clichés:

  • Staged settings with rose petals in the shape of a heart
  • Candles
  • Musicians
  • Signs

These stages/props are dead giveaways to any intuitive proposee and thus their reaction of surprise is either greatly diminished or a mere performance.

I am going to be frank…I am not a fan of such proposals.

Capturing pure – raw emotions and reactions requires the proposer to keep the proposal plans natural, real and void of props.

If you were planning a surprise party at your house would you decorate the outside and tell the guests to park in the driveaway?

Of course not.

This where I come in…

If you would like to forever freeze this once in a lifetime moment, I suggest the following guidelines:

  • Forgo the props. They are surprise spoilers and are very distracting. Not to mention they will probably be dated 5 years from now and appear corny/tacky. Life is not an Instagram feed or Tik Tok post.
  • Choose a location that would be natural or sentimental for you to visit as a couple.
  • Let your love and connection speak for itself. Less is truly more!

After your future fiancé says, “YES!!!” I will photograph gorgeous engagement portraits that reflect who you are as a couple.

I would love for you to check out some of my Long Island Proposals on my blog in the link below:

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The Knot

If you would like to have your Long Island surprise proposal photographed in a natural and candid manner - I would love to be your photographer!

My expertise will help guide you through the process, suggest locations and discuss all of the important details such as where to kneel, lighting, a rain plan, and my trade secrets that produce consistent results and will optimize your marriage proposal and engagement photos.

You will cherish the authentic and priceless moments that I will capture for the rest of your lives.

Whether in Nassau County or Suffolk County, the North Fork, The Hamptons or Montauk please give me a call/text at 631-747-5645 or get in touch via my contact form.