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Lisa Nicolosi Photography

Wedding Ceremony at St. Francis De Sales Catholic Church

This documentary wedding photo was taken at St. Francis De Sales Catholic Church in Patchogue New York.

Children at wedding ceremonies make for some of my favorite wedding photojournalistic moments and captures.

Their innocent, uninhibited and comedic reactions are photojournalistic gold!

When a grown up stands in the wedding aisle with a cell phone, it is not cute; nor is it a moment worthy photo.

However, when two innocent little girls dressed in pink flouncy dresses and pretty bows spill into the aisle huddled and bursting with excitement; it is one hundred percent adorable!

Funny thing is, we do not see their faces; but their postures and body language speaks volumes.

Perhaps there is a lesson here for our cell phone addicted society. Live in the moment! Experience it with your own eyes, your own heart; not an electronic device. And in so doing you can take in so much more - feel so much more.

And to brides and grooms, consider having an "unplugged ceremony."

Your ceremony photos will be much more impactful as the reactions and expressions upon the faces of your guests will be visible - stirring - true moments. As opposed to staring at into the screen of a phone or an i-pad.

Life is precious - put your phone down.

After the ceremony, the reception was held minutes away at Lombardi's On The Bay.

Location: 7 Amity St, Patchogue, NY 11772.