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Wolffer Estate Vineyard Wedding Photography

This romantic wedding photo was taken at the Wolffer Estate Vineyard in Sagaponack NY during the couple's "first look".

I love the passionate emotion in their kiss as well as the bride's stunning bouquet.

Whenever a wedding has both the ceremony and reception at one location, I recommend doing a "first look."

This allows all the photography to get done before the ceremony. And I have never has a bride claim that it diminished the power of walking up the aisle.

Furthermore, not only is doing all the photography during the cocktail hour rushed - it is anti climatic. The last thing that you will want to do when you recede your ceremony is start a "photo session."

Rather, you will want to hug your friends and family, have a cocktail, enjoy some delicious food, relax and be present at your party.

Benefits of a First Look

  • You can attend and enjoy your cocktail hour
  • Spend time with your guests that have traveled to celebrate with you
  • You as a couple have a private moment to each other before the frenzy starts
  • More time to take photographs than a mere 1 hour cocktail party which is insufficient to properly document family formals, bridal party and bride and groom portraits
  • Your photos will be more creative as we will have more time and you as a couple will be more relaxed - which will show in your facial expressions and body language.

Here a couple of more images from this wedding:

First one, the bride is choking back tears as she walks up the aisle - her first look did not eradicate her emotions nor diminish the power of this moment.

Second image: The Pronouncement! Pure happiness! Time to celebrate! Now you can grab a cocktail and hug your family because the pictures are done!!

Wedding Processional at Wolffer Estate Vineyard

Location: 139 Sagg Road Sagaponack, New York 11962.