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North Fork Sunflower Engagement Photographer

When planning a wedding there are so many Long Island wedding photographers to choose from.

Whether you type this phrase into Google's search bar or visit a paid advertisement on the Knot, you should ask yourself if you connect with the photographer's work. Check out their reviews, speak with them; either in person or on the phone. Can you see you and your fiance working together and liking one another?

As a Long Island Wedding Photographer, I hope that you consider me to photograph your wedding.

I love what I do and I have over 15 years of experience. I believe in the importance of providing my clients with the perfect balance of moments and portraits. It is my desire to capture the unique personalities of my brides and grooms and the spirit of their wedding event. So that you feel and look like yourselves in your photos.

My blog showcases the many different types of weddings and couples that I have had the honor of working with.

One of my favorite things as a wedding photographer is shooting in new locations.

Many times, I am asked if I have ever shot at a couple's wedding venue before. This question is typically suggested by wedding blogs/magazine articles stating, " The 10 Questions You Need to Ask Your Wedding Photographer."

A seasoned professional should be able to photograph at any location, in any environment, weather, or lighting. A news photographer does not get a trial run before a story breaks. Yet they are entrusted to document the story unfolding before their eyes.

Weddings are a lot like new stories. No two are alike. Real moments are happening. There are no redos.

Many of my weddings that I was entrusted to photograph, were the first time I worked at a particular venue. And you know what? That inspired me! My creative juices were sparked! If possible, I have visited and scouted the venue before your wedding day to sketch out some ideas in my head beforehand.

However, sometimes, this is not possible; and no worries if it isn't. As the weather and light on your wedding day, may be vastly different on the day that I scout your venue thus impacting were we will work anyway.

Look through the portfolio of the photographer that you are considering and make sure there are a variety of images represented: daytime, night time, indoor, outdoor, getting ready, ceremony and reception etc. Do they only showcase outdoor photos taken in the shade? What id you are getting married outside on a sunny day and there is no shade? If you are having your reception in a dark venue, do they have the skill set to light it?

Anyone can catch a ground ball so to speak, but it takes someone with experience and talent provide you with consistent results and handle the many challenges that can arise on a wedding day.

This engagement portrait was taken on Shelter Island in a patch of sunflowers, which are a fan favorite for many brides. Originally this bride to be inquired about having an engagement session on Martha's Vineyard. I suggested Shelter Island to them instead and they loved the idea.

We met up in Sag Harbor and took the 10 minute ride on the South Ferry over to this magical place. We visited many unique niches on the Island and of course included some scenes against the backdrop of water.

The blurry sunflower in the foreground frames the couple within the larger scene of sunflowers. I love that this bride to be in laughing too as it adds to this joyful photo.

More images from this session can be seen on my blog post here.

If you are a Sunflower lover, The North Fork has an abundance of Sunflower fields too, such as Martin Sidor Farms - also known as North Fork Potato Chips in Mattituck. I photographed an another engagement session there, which can be seen here.

Many locals and non-locals flock to the various Sunflower mazes on the East End, snapping pics and hash tagging them on Instagram.

I am looking forward to photographing this couple again for their wedding at the Yale Club in New York City in June of 2018.

Whether you are getting married on a beach in the Hamptons or at a vineyard on the North Fork, I hope and trust that hiring your wedding photographer is of great importance to you and your family. And I hope that I have the privilege of documenting it.

Your flowers will fade but your photos will last forever.