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Best Hamptons Engagement Photographer

This Engagement Portrait was taken at Camp Hero State Park minutes after George proposed to Lauren.

After George proposed and Lauren said, "Yes!", we took some just engaged portraits. I always take a combination camera aware and camera unaware portraits.

The sun was about to set which added a lot of warmth to the scene.

Further, I had my lighting assistant hold my strobe with a softbox to light them. This filled in the shadows and produced this gorgeous, luminous, soft flattering light.

More photos from this surprise proposal session can be seen on my blog here.

Perhaps you are searching for an engagement or wedding photographer and googled the words, "Best Hamptons Engagement Photographer."

So what makes a photographer the best of so many wedding photographers to choose from?

That answer can be subjective and everyone will be drawn to a particular style.

However, here are a few points that would qualify a photographer to be the best in their field.

  • The photographer should produce consistent results in any environment. This will require a lighting skillset and not just relying on natural light or a mere flash on top of the camera.

If I had relied on natural light for this portrait, their faces would have had some unflattering shadows and I would have had to expose for their faces thus losing the beautiful detail and color of the water and sky.

One of the reasons brides and grooms choose to have their proposals, engagements and weddings on the Eastern End of Long Island is for it's picturesque scenery. Using my lighting techniques I can showcase the natural beauty of the environment.

Further, can the photographer work in a dark reception venue or handle a rainy day?

  • The photographer should capture heartfelt fleeting moments, the personality of the subject and the spirit of the event.

Every couple and wedding is different, therefore; every wedding should not look the same. Moments matter and 10 years after your wedding the photos you will treasure the most will be the moments preserved with your loved ones. Not the close up of the tablescape or shoes you wore.

  • The photographer should produce artistic work for both portrait and the documentary parts of the day. This will reflect in their compositions, use of light, angles, use of space, color, lens choice etc etc. And this will carry over into their editing, not following editing trends that will be outdated in years to come.

These are just a few points to consider and I hope that you consider me for your proposal, engagement or wedding.

I am located in Babylon and I am close to all points of Long Island, including the Hamptons, North Fork and Montauk.

I would love to hear from you and preserve what will be one of the happiest times of your lives.

Please give me a call 631-747-5645 or visit my contact page to email me for more information.

Location: 1898 Montauk Hwy, Montauk, NY 11954.