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Lisa Nicolosi Photography

Best Greek Orthodox Long Island Wedding Photographer

Greek Orthodox weddings are full of many Greek traditions, thus many amazing moments to photograph.

Whether it be the placing of the crowns on the bride and groom's head at the wedding ceremony.

Or the wedding dollar dance during the reception, it is important to be familiar with the various traditions in order to document them properly.

This photo was taken at the Larkfield in East Northport during the wedding dollar dance.

I love how the money strategically falls through the air as the main dollar bill floats in front of the bride's face. We see her cross necklace, her beautiful gown and her other arm raised in jubilation as the money floats through the air.

Her wedding guests beam with excitement as the celebration is underway.

This is one of my favorite wedding dollar dance photos.

I love photographing weddings that are full of families celebrating and honoring their ethnic roots and traditions.

And I love to provide my clients with meaningful images that have an artistic flair.

If you are planning your Greek Orthodox wedding I would love to hear from you and be your wedding photographer.

Please give me a call at 631-747-5645 or visit my contact page for more information/

Location: 507 Larkfield Rd, East Northport, NY 11731.